hydraulic press machine double action metal forming

This product is a three-beam and four-column hydraulic press, which is cost-effective, safe and reliable in quality.


hydraulic press machine double action metal forming

Three beams and four columns hydraulic press machine

I. Product structure overview.
The hydraulic press machine is composed of the main machine and control system, which are linked by pipeline and electrical device to form the whole.
The host part includes the body, main cylinder, range limiting device, etc.
The control mechanism includes hydraulic pump station (power system), electrical box, mobile console and other components.

Product application

The three-beam and four-column hydraulic press is widely used in fastener factory, automobile repair, hardware industry, car parts company, mining industry, electronic components, strap, jewelry, lighting, lighting, cell phone shell, pump industry, electrical equipment and other industries.
Three beams four columns hydraulic press is widely used in many fields of mechanical industry, for example, in the field of forging (plastic processing), it can be used in many processes such as free forging, die forging, stamping (sheet forming), extrusion, shearing, stretching, bending forming and super plastic forming.

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