315ton Hydraulic Press Machine for Water Tank


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315ton hydraulic press machine




Hydraulic Press Machine for Metal Sheet


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315ton Hydraulic Press Machine for Water Tank

Product Description      

The machine can realize two molding processes of constant pressure and fixed stroke, and has the function of holding pressure delay, and the delay time is adjustable.It adopts button centralized control and has three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.

1. Hydraulic machine body:
The four-column hydraulic press uses galvanized sheet as the substrate, the work table and the slider are made of 45# cast steel, and the galvanized sheet is used as the substrate. The high-quality environmentally-friendly polyester paint is used as the top coat.

2. Hydraulic machine master cylinder:
The cylinder of the machine is 45# steel, which is processed by forging to extend the service life of the machine.

3. Hydraulic system:
The high-flow cartridge valve is used, and an oil suction filter is arranged at the oil inlet of the pump to prevent impurities from entering the hydraulic system to ensure the normal operation of the oil circuit; the oil temperature and oil level display, air filtration and the like are included in the system; the oil tank is a steel plate The welded structure has a screw plug for draining and draining at the bottom; a plug-in hydraulic special motor reduces the noise in the workshop.

4. Electrical system:
The machine has a separate electrical control box that centrally controls the operation of the entire machine. The equipment is equipped with photoelectric protection and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during operation.

5. Operating system:
The PLC programming system is used to realize automatic switching between automatic and semi-automatic operation modes, which is convenient for equipment maintenance; the operating speed of the equipment and the pressure of the master cylinder can be adjusted arbitrarily; the process requirements of fixed and constant pressure during production can be met.


The double-action hydraulic press machine is mainly used for the process of stretching, bending and forming of thin plates, and can also be used for plastic pressing, cold extrusion bending, forming correction and press fitting.

Particularly applied in the following industries:
1. Auto parts: body cover, brake pads, fuel tank, chassis, bridge, bumper;
2. Household appliances: washing machines, rice cookers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.;
3. Kitchen utensils: washing tanks, pots, stainless steel cutlery, and other various containers;
4. Others: tractors, motorcycles, aviation, aerospace, water tanks.

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About Product We will ensure the machine has no problem before the delivery.
About Color Color according to customer requirements. If not required, we will use the default color.
About Parameter Every kind of equipment produced by our company can be customized according to the needs of customers.
About Services 1. Inquiry and consulting support
2. Sample testing support
3. Recommend the most suitable machine according to customer’s purpose
4. Factory visiting welcomed
5. Warranty 1 year
6. Engineers available to service machinery oversea

Company Information    

Our company mainly produces straightening machines, presses, powder forming machines, deep embossing machines, iron filing machines, stretching machines, melamine machines, etc. The products are widely used in various industries of light and heavy industry.

According to the needs of customers, we can customize various specifications of the machine, and provide supporting electrical schematics, which can provide installation.

Main Press Machine Usage
Four Column
Hydraulic Press Machine
Cold Press Machine Bending, stamping,metal embossing,drawing
Heat Press Machine Composite material forming
C Frame Press Machine Bearing, Punching, Straightening
H / Gantry Frame Press Machine Press-fit, Straightening
Customized Press Machine Forklift solid tire press machine
Melamine press machine
Salt block press machine
Door embossing press machine

Each piece of equipment is subjected to multi-step superb processing technology, strict measurement and assembly, quality inspection, mutual inspection, company inspection The means are complete, the testing process is advanced, and the equipment can be sold after being 100% qualified.



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