animal licking salt block press machine for making 5kg tablet

animal licking salt block press machine for making 5kg tablet

Product Update Time 02/05/2023

Animal licking salt block press machine for making 5kg tablet

Salt block press machine is a a professional machine for producing cattle and sheep licking salt blocks,the salt particles will be compressed into block by the press with mould, the salt blocks contains many nurtrition for animals, Also applied to compress salt or other protein,molasses into blocks.

The productivity is 2-3 pieces salt blocks per minute,it’s automatic control four column hydraulic press machine.

The parameter name Unit YQ32-200t YQ32-315t YQ32-500t YQ32-630t YQ32-800t
Nominal pressure KN 2000 3150 5000 6300 8000
System pressure Mpa 25 25 25 25 25
Salt block weight kg 2 2-5 5-10 12-15 15-20

The Salt Block press Machine consists of three parts: main engine, hydraulic pump station and electrical control system.
1. Mainframe: consists of frame, hydraulic cylinder, mould, supporting mould and punch.
2. Hydraulic pump station: consists of motor, hydraulic valve, oil road block and tubing.
3. Electrical control cabinet: composed of electrical control system and text display.

Usually,the shape of the salt block is round or square,other shape is also available,we will provide customized mould,such as logo can be compressed on salt block.

We can provide the whole production line for the salt block making,mixer,feed tube,package machine.



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