200 ton 315 ton steel tile stone coated roof tile hydraulic press

200 ton 315 ton steel tile stone coated roof tile hydraulic press

 Hydraulic Cold Press Metal Stamp Stone Coated Steel Tile Making Machine 
stone coated tile
Tile making machine
 Hydraulic Cold Press Metal Stamp Stone Coated Steel Tile machine
hydraulic press Product structure design, the general use of the performance of a strong and durable three-beam four-column structure, body, oil pump, console split design to facilitate the use and maintenance of the latter.
At the same time for different customer requirements, such as integral structure, simple and elegant horizontal structure, under the pressure of work structure, additional under cylinder type, etc.
 Hydraulic Cold Press Metal Stamp Stone Coated Iron Tile Making Machine oil pump system
Man-machine interaction, taking full account of the specific requirements of the use, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic use of free switching.
Visual operation interface, image operation guide, get started very fast.
Mold for 200 ton 315-ton Hydraulic press machine for roofing tile
Production and use of each other, taking full account of the actual needs of customers,
To ensure that customers use our hydraulic press Tile forming machine can perfectly create their pursuit of the product effect,
At the same time in line with the principle of the sake of customers, try to simplify the design, to ensure both economic and durable, easy to use.
 roof tile mould.jpg
 Hydraulic press machine for stone coated Roof tile and mold 
As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic press machines, we are committed to the customer experience,
not only to produce all kinds of hydraulic press products,
but also for the production needs of customers tailored,
the design of a set of automated production lines, your user needs is our final positioning.
 metal tile machine (19)
 Hydraulic Cold Press Metal Stamp Stone Coated Steel Tile Making Machine technical analysis
The sealing performance of the coin-making product, on the one hand, the use of precision cutting process integrated molding, on the other hand with excellent imported sealing materials, more than ten years of continuous improvement and innovation, has been very mature.
 Hydraulic Cold Press Metal Stamp Stone Coated Steel Tile Making Machine details comparison
Details determine the quality, a penny of goods, good work can make your use to save a lot of trouble, but also determines the final results of the product and life.
Our competition is not the price of the fight, nor is the appearance, but the comprehensive use of experience.
workshop 1
 Hydraulic Cold Press Metal Stamp Stone Coated Steel Tile Making Machine workshop
game coins collectibles coins machine hydraulic press machine Specification Unit YQ32-315A
Nominal force  Kn 3150
Max pressure of the hydraulic system  Mpa 25
Max. Opening height  mm 1250
Slider effective stroke    mm 800
Working table size mm 1260*1160
The nominal force of Ejection cylinder  Kn 630
Ejection stroke  mm 300
Slider working speed (empty travel) mm/s 120
Slider working speed    (press) mm/s 8~15
Slider working speed    (return stroke) mm/s 90



We have several innovative patents,
because more than ten years to concentrate on only hydraulic press machine,
in the small and medium enterprises has been the leader of the brand.
In Shandong even the whole country, Comprehensive cost is no doubt.

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 Stone Coated Steel Tile hydraulic press machine optional accessories or functions:
1. the movable table
2. blanking buffer device
3. optoelectronic protective devices.
4. the touch screen industry
5. the hydraulic system heating,cooling means
6. playing feeding device
7. slide safety bolt
8.PLC programable contrloler


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Applicable to metal non-metallic materials (3D tile, roof tile, metal products, bicycles, motorcycles, tableware, kitchen utensils, automobiles, electrical appliances, rubber, grinding wheel, buttons, gold and silver jewelry, ceramics, powder metallurgy, etc.)


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