Deep drawing hydraulic press machine 630 Ton

This series of hydraulic press is a universal pressing device suitable for the pressing process of plastic material, such as powder molding, plastic molding, cold \hot extrusion metal forming sheet metal stretching and stamping, bending, flagging, and other processes.


Electric power


Nominal force


Worktable size


Deep drawing hydraulic press machine 630 Ton

                                                            Deep Drawing hydraulic press machine 630Ton

1 . Machine Description 

     The main components of the hydraulic press machine are:

  1. Main machine: It consists of a frame, a main hydraulic cylinder, a pusher hydraulic cylinder, a bottom plate hydraulic cylinder, a supporting mold frame, a mold, and a pressure.
  2. Hydraulic station: It consists of motor, hydraulic pump, pump protection device, control valve block, and piping system for continuous briquetting machine.
  3. Console: It consists of an electrical system and a PLC control system.


2.Machine detail 

As the pictures show, Each part combines the whole hydraulic press machine. In response to the requirements of each part, We strive to meet the requirement.

We are professionals in a hydraulic press machine.

  1. PLC Control, easy prorate and maintenance
  2. Motor, Servo optional

3.Valve, Taifeng, or Rexroth brand


It is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials,

such as punching, bending, flanging mental sheet drawing.

Besides, it can also be used in correcting, embossing, powder forming, and other composite materials.

This series machine can be controlled by relying on and PLC, which has three operation modes, including adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.

The machine can realize two processes, preset pressure, and preset stroke.

4. Machine advantages

1.The structure of four columns hydraulic press is simple, economical, and high precision.

2.The press and stroke can be adjusted at the range of requited needs, and also can be performed two processes which are two methods, including preset press and preset stroke.

3.This machine has an independent hydraulic pump and electrical systems, which have compact structure, reliable action, and long service life, small hydraulic impact, easy maintenance.

4.Direct production and direct sales manufacturers can be customized according to customer requirements of a variety of non-standard equipment. To meet the different needs of customers.

5. Our service 

  Our services are divided into pre-sale, sales, after-sale three parts.

  1.Pre-sale: to provide detailed advice, the program recommended to the factory inspection, as far as possible to meet your questions and needs.

  2.Sales: can support samples, support diversified payment methods, the solid forklift tire press machine production process transparent, standardized, and quickly stocking.

 3. After-sales: support diversification guidance, training, voice, and video images, and even solid forklift tire press machine overseas site installation, on-site training, home maintenance, continuous return visit customers concerned about the use


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