160 Ton Forklift Tire Press Machine Solid Tire Press Machine Price

The tire press is a hydraulic machine customized by our company according to the characteristics of the tire industry. It is mainly used for the replacement and installation of solid tires, which is convenient for tire manufacturers and dealers to carry out tire disassembly and assembly work and improve work efficiency.





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Solid Tire Press Machine price



160 Ton Forklift Tire Press Machine Solid Tire Press Machine Price

Forklift Tire Press Machine Solid Tire Press Machine

The tire press is mainly used for disassembling and assembling solid tires of forklifts, forklifts, and loaders of various models. It is widely used in forklift sales, forklift maintenance, used forklifts, forklift accessories, and other field Tools.


1. Computer optimization structure design, machine structure, simple, economical, and practical.

2. hydraulic control of forklift tire press machine using cartridge valve integrated system, reliable action, long life, small hydraulic shock, reducing the connection pipe and leakage points.

3. independent electrical control system, reliable, action objective, easy maintenance.

4. use button centralized control, with adjustment, manual, and semi-automatic three kinds of operation.

5. through the operation panel selection, can achieve the process, constant pressure two forming processes, and has pressure and other functions.

6. slider of the working pressure, no-load fast down and slow travel range can be adjusted according to the needs of the process.


China Factory Price 200 Ton Forklift Tire Press Machine Solid Tire Press Machine


1. Whether the independent production and processing?
YES! We have been done it for 16 years in the hydraulic oil press machine field.

2. Whether to provide technical support?
YES! We can provide free design, drawings manuals, and even technical staff overseas field guidance when needed.

3. Whether it is prone to problems?
NO! Electric welding of high precision Usage of high-tech boring machines for extreme precision parts production workers have rich experience over the years each of the factory products after repeated testing adjustment

4. Whether to accept cash on delivery?
Sorry, you have to make a payment as described.

5. Whether to accept the site inspection? 


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