Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press is a kind of machine that uses hydraulic pressure to achieve force transmission during the processing of materials. It has high pressure, large deformation, low speed, high efficiency, and other characteristics. It can be used for metal stamping, plastic deformation, material testing, sheet metal processing, and other processes.


The hydraulic press generally consists of three parts: lower base, upper cylinder, and frame. The lower base is used to fix the machine and provide a stable working platform. The upper cylinder is moved up and down by the hydraulic pressure to achieve the purpose of deforming the material. The frame is used to support the upper cylinder and transmit the force during the processing of materials.

Working Principle

Hydraulic press works by using a liquid medium (generally oil) to transmit force. The pump pressure transmission, oil cylinder on the working cylinder on the material between the applied pressure, materialprocessing。During the process, the frame transmits the force to support the upper cylinder.


The hydraulic press has been widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, electrical appliance, construction, and furniture. It is an important means of manufacturing and processing industries.


  1. High-pressure, high-strength: hydraulic press can generate high pressure and strong force during the processing of materials, which can achieve large deformation of materials and improve the processing accuracy and product quality.
  2. High efficiency: hydraulic press can generate high pressure and strong force in a short time, which can shorten the processing cycle and improve production efficiency.
  3. Flexibility: hydraulic press can be used for various materials processing, such as sheet metal processing, metal stamping, plastic deformation, etc., and can process various shapes according to different requirements.
  4. Easy maintenance: the hydraulic press has a simple structure and convenient maintenance. The parts can be easily replaced and repaired when they are out of order, which shortens the maintenance time and improves the utilization rate of equipment.
  5. Environmentally friendly: the hydraulic press is an environmental-friendly machine, which has low noise and less pollution during the processing process. It can meet the requirements of environmental protection in modern production.


Hydraulic press is an important mechanical equipment in modern industry, which has wide application in manufacturing and processing industries. It has high-pressure and high-strength, high efficiency, good flexibility, easy maintenance, and environmental protection c

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