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What should you pay attention to when using a four-column hydraulic press?

time:2018-12-28 17:21 Writer:amanda Emile:amanda@chinazhongyou.cn TEL:+86 13616372690

What should you pay attention to when using a four-column hydraulic press?

1. Personnel who do not understand the structural performance or operating procedures of the four-column hydraulic press shall not start the machine without authorization;

2. The machine should not be inspected and adjusted during the operation of the four-column hydraulic press;

3. When the four-column hydraulic machine finds serious oil leakage or other abnormal conditions (such as unreliable operation, noise, vibration, etc.), stop the analysis of the cause, try to eliminate the cause, and do not put the disease into production:

4. Do not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity of the four-column hydraulic press:

5. Do not exceed the maximum stroke of the slider. The minimum mold closing height shall not be less than 600mm.

6. The grounding of the electrical equipment of the four-column hydraulic press must be firm and reliable:

7. End work: Place the four-column hydraulic press slider in the lowest position.

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