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What is the cause of the solid particle contamination of hyd

time:2018-12-11 16:35 Writer:Zora Li Emile:liming@chinazhongyou.cn TEL:+86 13616370916

A hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid as a working medium to transfer energy to achieve various processes. In addition to forging forming, hydraulic presses can also be used for correction, press fitting, packing, briquetting and pressing. The hydraulic press includes a hydraulic press and a hydraulic press. A water-based liquid is used as a working medium, which is called a hydraulic press, and an oil as a working medium is called a hydraulic press. The specifications of hydraulic presses are generally expressed in terms of nominal working force (kilograms) or nominal tonnage (tons). The hydraulic press for forging is mostly a hydraulic press with a high tonnage. In order to reduce the size of the equipment, large forging hydraulic presses usually use higher pressure (about 35 MPa), and sometimes use ultra high pressure of 100 MPa or more. Hydraulic presses for other purposes generally use a working pressure of 6 to 25 MPa. The hydraulic press has a lower tonnage than a hydraulic press.

   There are several reasons for the contamination of solid particles in hydraulic presses:

   (1) The original residual impurities in the hydraulic system itself, such as those produced during the manufacturing process, have not been completely removed;

   (2) The new oil contains impurities because the oil pipe through which the oil flows and the oil drum in which the oil is stored contain impurities;

   (3) The open air working environment in the field is harsh, and various flying material particles are immersed in the hydraulic system;

(4) Intrusion of contaminants during the process of disassembling components and pipelines during maintenance of the hydraulic system, or the use of unclean filter containers to bring in pollutants when refueling or changing oil;

(5) Contamination from mechanical friction, deformation and chemical reactions.

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