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Preparation for precision adjustment of four-column hydraulic press

time:2019-06-03 11:58 Writer:Claire Meng Emile:mengyanru@chinazhongyou.cn TEL:+86 13906375039

Preparation for precision adjustment of four-column hydraulic press:

1. Remove the burrs from the work surface and the lower surface of the upper slider and wipe it clean.

2. Check each cylinder and the upper beam. The connection between the cylinder piston and the upper plane of the slider is tight and reliable, and it is required to be locked under load.

3. Prepare a dial indicator, one large table and one small table, one magnetic table, one flat ruler, one square ruler and several feeler gauges. All the above tools should be inspected and meet the prescribed standards.

4. The four-column hydraulic press works normally and can reliably stay in any position.

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