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Common problem

Reasons for the non-response of hydraulic press operation and its solution

time:2019-02-14 15:31 Writer:Claire Meng Emile:mengyanru@chinazhongyou.cn TEL:+86 13906375039

1, Wear and tear

The movement of the hydraulic valve core, valve sleeve, valve body and other mechanical parts, the friction is constantly generated during use, so that the size and surface quality of the parts change and fail.

3, Deformation

When the residual stress of the hydraulic valve parts during the machining process and the external load stress during use exceed the yield strength of the part material, the parts are deformed and fail to complete the normal function. The spring of the reversing valve is too soft or short, which will affect the working position of the spool and normal reset, making the system not working properly. The bending or deformation of the relief valve spool will make the spool move inflexibly, resulting in system pressure. Excessive fatigue or breakage of the spring on the main spool or pilot valve of the relief valve will result in system pressure not being met. The electromagnetic reversing valve spool wears or deforms, which will cause the valve to leak and reduce the efficiency, and the dirt easily enters the gap or deformation, so that the valve core is angry and the mechanical resistance is blocked. The bending deformation of the unloading valve spool will slow the spool, making the system slow from the unloading to the working pressure or the working pressure to unloading. Note that improper assembly may also cause deformation of the part, as if the valve body deformation caused by the reversing valve assembly screw is too tight, the valve core may be jammed. If the clearance between the valve core and the valve hole is too large, a pressure shock will occur. These all have the potential to disable the valve. The one-way valve of the one-way throttle (speed control) valve is worn out, the sealing is not strict, and the oil flow of the department will flow through the one-way valve, which affects the agility of the speed regulation. The overflow valve pilot cone valve (or pilot small ball valve) is not tightly sealed due to wear and cannot be properly regulated.

2, Tired

When working under long-term variable load, the spring in the hydraulic valve may become soft due to fatigue, the spring length is shortened or the whole is broken; the valve core and the valve seat may also be cracked, peeled off or other damage due to fatigue.

4, Erosion

Excessive moisture or acid is mixed in the hydraulic oil. After prolonged use, it will erode the relevant parts in the hydraulic valve and cause it to lose its proper accuracy and fail. The bending deformation of the spool of the reversing valve will make the valve reversing action difficult to perform normally. The wear of the pilot valve of the pressure reducing valve will make the valve work without disorder or even pressure regulation.

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