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The introduction of advanced production equipment through international certification quality assurance;
It has passed the ISO9001:2000 international standard system certification.
10 years focused on the development and production of hydraulic machinery.

High cost performance

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It has been 10 years since it entered the market in 2006.
10 years focus on hydraulic machinery R & D and production experience, brand is trustworthy!
The quality of products is in accordance with international standards, and the price of products is better than that of imported products.

Distribution network

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Sales network products covering the whole country are exported to all parts of the world.
The sales scope covers all parts of the world, and the world is unified.
It has successfully served tens of thousands of customers, involving all walks of life.
The customer turnover rate reached 100% and the satisfaction rate reached 99.9%.


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Own long-term cooperation logistics partners, light speed distribution;
Perfect after-sales service, one to one service commissioner let you no worries.
Products sold: 1 years warranty, life-long maintenance.

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Zhongyou Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D and production enterprise of hydraulic press machine. The company's processing equipment includes large-scale CNC floor-standing boring and milling machines, CNC gantry machining centers and other advanced equipment and equipment. Our  main products include four-column hydraulic presses, frame hydraulic presses, C frame  hydraulic presses, hydraulic punching machine , etc. Each of our machine undergoes a multi-step superb machining process and rigorous measurement and assembly. The layers undergo quality inspection and mutual inspection. 100% Qualified before sales. The company designs and manages all computer networks, uses CAD, CAPP computer-aided design, professional senior engineers and other technical personnel engaged in the research and development of new products and various special planes, providing customers with a full set of design programs, and with a number of domestic research institutes and A number of well-known for......


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