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After China’s second aircraft carrier was launched last year, the focus of the outside world began to shift to China’s third aircraft carrier. Will the displacement reach the level of 100,000 tons of Nimitz in the United States? Will nuclear power and electromagnetic ejection be used? ... These are hot topics on the Internet.
Xinhua News Agency on November 26, an official WeChat public account revealed the development of China's third aircraft carrier. In the "style" of this national red-hot six years ago, it has been so heart-warming! In the article, it was pointed out that on November 23, 6 years ago, China’s first aircraft carrier “Liaoning Ship” successfully took off and landed the -15 carrier aircraft. Six years later, our domestic aircraft carrier has been trialled, and it is just around the corner. The new aircraft carrier is already in existence. Ordered construction on the berth. The new aircraft carrier is also the third aircraft carrier. This is the first time that official media has confirmed that China is building a third aircraft carrier.
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